The Best Employee Selection Decision Support System With a Weighted Product Approach


  • Esa Firmansyah STMIK Sumedang
  • Reny Rian Marliana STMIK Sumedang


Decision support system,, Selection of the best employees, Application of


The best quality employees are the company's assets that will make the company grow rapidly. Employee performance is quite influential in the profits derived by the company itself. Therefore we need human resources who have high competence and loyalty. Maximum effort is needed in improving employee performance. One of them is choosing the best employees to stimulate employees to improve their performance. Decision support systems provide alternatives in determining who the best employee will be chosen. Because the nature of objective, fast, accurate and computer-based decision support systems will make it easier to choose the best employees. Weighted Product Method is part of the concept of Fuzzy Multi-Attibut Decision Making (FMADM) where the normalization process is needed in the calculation of normalization. This method specifically calculates the weight of values in each of the existing criteria. This decision support system is a solutive tool that can provide solutions that can help in the process of selecting the best computerized employees to be more effective and efficient. The research proves that this application is able to assist companies in the selection process of the best employee selection by the weighted product method, as well as providing the best employee information effectively and efficiently





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