Telegram-Based Home Security System Design using Nodemcu Microcontroller Esp8266


  • Deris Santika STMIK Sumedang
  • Beben Sutara STMIK Sumedang


Internet of Things (IOT),, Security, Mikrokontroler, Telegram


The development of internet of things technology has pushed human life to be all-rounder, practical and efficient. Most people install surveillance cameras at home to monitor the condition of the house at night or in an empty condition. But there is no direct notification to the homeowner when there is an unwanted person detected by a surveillance camera.Another disadvantage is that the camera still records video even though no activity has been detected which makes it less efficient. This research designs an Internet security system based on Internet of Things (IoT) utilizing Telegram Messenger. The bot on Telegram Messenger will send a notification message to the homeowner. From the results of the tests carried out, obtained 4 results namely, first when the motion sensor detects the movement of an object, the security system will send a message via a bot telegram where the user is given 2 choices namely turning on the lights and turning on the alarm. Second, when the gas sensor detects lpg gas content in the air> 30%, the system will send a message via a telegram bot that there is a gas leak. Third, when the door sensor is triggered because the door is open the alarm will automatically turn on and then send a message to the telegram bot that the door is open. Fourth, when the temperature sensor detects temperature> 30 * C, the system will send a notification via a telegram





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Santika, D., & Sutara, B. (2018). Telegram-Based Home Security System Design using Nodemcu Microcontroller Esp8266. J-Tin’s - Jurnal Teknik Informatika, 2(2). Retrieved from




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