Application of Apriori Algorithm in A Pharmacy Drug Stock System using A Website-Based Prototype Method


  • Maya Suhayati STMIK Sumedang
  • Dody Herdiana STMIK Sumedang


Apriori Algorithm, Codeigniter Framework, Drug Data Management, prototype


pharmacies that provide drug sales services to consumers, which include selling and purchasing drugs that have been carried out so far, are still using the conventional system. Not yet fully implemented a computerized system in managing drug data, pharmacies in Sumedang have difficulties in processing drug data, especially the problem of drug supply. The process of drug inventory data processing activities carried out can be said to be still less efficient and effective, because all transactions carried out are still manually, therefore it is necessary to model a drug data management system that is able to maximize the performance of officers in data management. The method used in developing this drug stock management website uses the prototype method. The results achieved are in the form of a Pharmacy Drug Data Management Website which consists of process modeling, database design, interface design to model analysis and the application of a priori algorithms. This website allows the process of managing drug data, knowing drug stock information, drug expiration, buying and selling drugs and knowing which drugs must be in stock based on a priori algorithm calculations. With this drug data management website, it is hoped that it will produce accurate data so that pharmacy staff can more easily process data, search data and make reports and minimize the possibility of errors.





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Suhayati, M., & Herdiana, D. (2019). Application of Apriori Algorithm in A Pharmacy Drug Stock System using A Website-Based Prototype Method. J-Tin’s - Jurnal Teknik Informatika, 3(2). Retrieved from




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