Electricity Monitoring System Based on internet of Things (Iot)


  • Dwi Yuniarto STMIK Sumedang
  • David Setiadi STMIK Sumedang


Internet of things, Sensor Pzem-004t, Nodemcu esp8266


Technological developments are increasingly developing very rapidly, so that almost all activities or to solve problems are carried out by utilizing technology. As soon as the use of electrical equipment has different electrical power, the measurement of electrical power is usually carried out using a simple measuring instrument so that the result data is too long to obtain.To solve this problem, an internet of things (IoT) based electric power monitoring system is needed to Obtaining information by measuring electrical energy, including voltage (V) and kwh unit of energy, requires components such as the Pzem-004t sensor so that information can be generated in real time, and to be accessible from the internet network. To connect to the Android application this tool uses the Nodemcu esp8266 module, the monitoring display uses the Blynk application to display the required information.





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Yuniarto, D., & Setiadi, D. (2019). Electricity Monitoring System Based on internet of Things (Iot). J-Tin’s - Jurnal Teknik Informatika, 3(2). Retrieved from https://ejournal.stmik-sumedang.ac.id/index.php/jtin/article/view/346




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