Temperature Monitoring and Air Humidity Control System For Iot-Based oncom Fermentation Process Optimization


  • Beben Sutara STMIK Sumedang
  • Dian Budiana STMIK Sumedang


Monitoring, Temperature and Humidity, Fermentation


Oncom is a traditional food that is still popular and has quite a lot of nutritional content. In general, the oncom fermentation process still uses a manual process, this makes the oncom not on time and there are oncom production failures due to the failure of the fermentation process. The oncom fermentation process which depends on certain temperature and humidity conditions is influenced by the weather environment, so it takes special attention and effort to make the fermentation process. Moreover, the erratic weather requires more efforts so that oncom production does not fail. Based on these conditions, an idea is to apply temperature monitoring and humidity control technology for the IOT-based oncom fermentation process using the NodeMcu ESP8266 microcontroller as a controller, so that the temperature and humidity in the fermentation room are maintained with readings by the DHT 11 sensor and with a blower/fan as temperature controller and humidity to match the setting point. The method used in this research is the prototype method with the stages of needs analysis, system design, prototype making, and system testing. This tool works if the temperature in the fermentation room is higher than the setting point value, the blower/fan will turn on automatically, if the temperature is normal from the setting point value, the blower/fan will automatically turn off, so that the desired temperature can be achieved. In addition, this tool is integrated with blynk and thingspeak IoT devices to be able to monitor and control temperature and humidity remotely. With the application of this technology, the oncom fermentation process becomes more optimal because with stable fermentation conditions oncom will form faster.





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