GPS Tracker for Bicycle using SMS Gateway


  • Fidi Supriadi STMIK Sumedang
  • Deris Santika STMIK Sumedang


Arduino UNO, GPS NEO 6M,, SIM 800l


The number of vehicle theft cases in Indonesia is caused by a lack of security systems and also the level of vigilance of owners, especially bicycle owners, because the security system on bicycles is very minimal and can easily be stolen if parked in a place where there is no control, completely different from motorized vehicles and car. The use of the Prototype method in this study aims to allow the authors to get a picture of the system to be built through the prototype development stage first which will be evaluated by the user / user. To build a security system on Arduino-based bicycles and SMS Gateway using a GPS tracker so that it can minimize the level of theft on the bicycle. The result of this research is a security system for bicycles using an SMS Gateway-based GPS Tracker





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Supriadi, F. ., & Santika, D. (2018). GPS Tracker for Bicycle using SMS Gateway. J-Tin’s - Jurnal Teknik Informatika, 2(1). Retrieved from




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