Website-Based Village E-Marketplace System Prototype


  • Dian Budiana STMIK Sumedang
  • Maya Suhayati STMIK Sumedang


E-marketplace, MSME, prototype, marketing


Many MSMEs in the village of Cimara are still marketing conventional or simple ways such as offering their products door to door, placing their products in stalls and through events such as exhibitions, so that the scope of product sales is narrow, namely in the Sumedang area, because of that the SMEs experiencing difficulties and slow in expanding their marketing horizons. Based on these problems, the aim of this research is to design an e-marketplace system managed by the Cimara village goverment as one of the additional sales media for MSMEs in the Cimara village. The method used in designing or developing this e-marketplace system is the prototype method. With the prototype method the user can interact with the prototype model that was developed through the evaluation phase so that the writer can gather information from the user regarding the system being developed because the prototype describes the initial version of a system. The results achieved from this research are the website-based MSME Cimara village e-marketplace system. With the existence of this e-marketplace system, it is a step forward for MSMEs in Cimara village, especially in terms of product marketing, because with this e-marketplace system, MSME owners in Cimara village can market their products more broadly





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