Website-Based English Learning System


  • David Setiadi STMIK Sumedang
  • Asep Saeppani STMIK Sumedang


English learning system, website, Prototype, Black box, EQU


Technological sophistication can be an alternative for teachers in teaching and learning activities, especially conventional learning is still widely used by teachers who act as "knowledge transferers", while students are more passive as "recipients of knowledge". The teacher teaches in the classroom using a textbook then the students pay attention to the explanation given by the teacher with 2x40 minutes for each subject/learning material. This causes a lack of interest in learning English for students. The purpose of the research is to provide a new learning method that is presented to students as an effort to increase students' interest in learning English in schools as well as supporters/supporters in learning English at the school. The method used in developing the model is the prototype method and for testing using the Black box testing method, while for UX (User Experience) testing, it is using the EQU (User Experience Quistionare). The results achieved are that students can access the English language learning system at school by utilizing the school's computer laboratory facilities and can be accessed again when they come home from school





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Setiadi, D., & Saeppani, A. (2020). Website-Based English Learning System. J-Tin’s - Jurnal Teknik Informatika, 4(1). Retrieved from




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