Arduino Microcontroller Based Fire Detection


  • Deris Santika STMIK Sumedang
  • Mulya Suryadi STMIK Sumedang


Arduino UNO, sensor flame,, buzzer


Fires are a problem that can occur anywhere in office buildings, housing, public facilities or vehicles. Delay in handling and not realizing there is a fire causing losses, it could be material and life losses in the case of vehicle fires, the average driver is not aware of the fire on the vehicle. Drivers must get information or warnings at the time of the fire in order to save themselves. Conventional alarm systems are alarm systems that are commonly used and most widely used because of the low installation costs. This system is effectively used in residential buildings, offices but not for vehicles. in planning this final project the writing uses the prototype method. Prototype models are one of the most widely used software development methods. To overcome these problems is to build a vehicle fire detection system based on the Arduino UNO microcontroller.





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