Academic Management Applications For Senior High Schools In Sumedang District


  • Eggi Julian STMIK Sumedang
  • Fathoni Mahardika STMIK Sumedang
  • Asep Sudrajat STMIK Sumedang


Applications, Systems, Information


The purpose of making this system is to make it easier for students to find out grades and lesson schedules more flexibly. The research method carried out is by conducting observations, interviews, and library research. While the system method used is the prototype model method through a structured approach. The results achieved based on the design and manufacture are analyzing the problems that occur so that the design needs can be met. Then it is poured in the form of a data management application, a running system, and a detailed diagram. After that, the structure and tables are created as the database, the destination and the output as the interface. The conclusion that can be drawn is that the designed system can meet the desired needs, such as accessing a more flexible class schedule and student grades.





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Julian, E., Mahardika, F., & Sudrajat, A. (2021). Academic Management Applications For Senior High Schools In Sumedang District. J-Sin’s - Jurnal Sistem Informasi, 5(1). Retrieved from




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