Applications Manage Residential Consumer Data


  • Yayan Cahyan STMIK Sumedang
  • Leni Nurhayati STMIK Sumedang


Application, Manage Consumer Data, Prototype


Current technological developments have shown several changes, as well as in managing data, in today's data management we need an application so that the management becomes more effective, the Application for Managing Housing Consumer Data is an application that is devoted to managing all consumer data. The purpose of this research is to build an application for managing consumer data in housing to make it easier for employees to manage consumer data collection. The method used in building this application is a prototype model which includes several stages, namely gathering requirements, designing, building prototypes, evaluating prototypes, until the application can be used. Using this method is more helpful in finding needs in the early stages of developing this application. This research produces a desktop application that can manage all consumer data. The conclusion of this system is that it makes it easier for managers to manage all consumer data and will improve the quality and quantity of housing in the eyes of the community





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