Information System Risk Management Analysis Using Octave-S Method


  • Yopi Hidayatul Akbar STMIK Sumedang
  • Leni Nurhayati STMIK Sumedang


Analysis, Data System Risk Management, Octave-S


Currently the development of information technology is growing rapidly, therefore every cooperative must use information technology for cooperative members themselves easily and get facilities in the form of Savings and Loans. Even if the employee does not have the status of a civil servant, he can still be part of a special member for all health workers throughout the Sumedang area. To analyze the application of risk management to Savings and Loans by Analyzing the application of risk management to Savings and Loans Using the Octave-s Method then tested for validity and reliability. The stages of the OCTAVE-S method that are applied in the form of risk mitigation recommendations include, management must accept and act on routine reports that summarize security-related information, the organization makes documentation, reviews and tests the plans that have been set, makes security procedures to maintain important facilities. . This research was conducted to determine the risks that may occur in the Savings and Loans Information System. Technique of measuring data using the help of Microsoft Excel application program. Based on the results of the data measurement, it can be seen that from the 15 statements in the questionnaire 30 items. So the conclusion is that in order to be able to reduce the situation that will occur assisted by risk management that is applied periodically to suppress any risks that arise, they can be solved together





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