Website-Based Information System for Selling Goods at Wowon Stores


  • Agun Guntara STMIK Sumedang
  • Asep Sudrajat STMIK Sumedang


information system sales of goods, prototype, website


The latest form of trading that makes it easier for users to trade now is a website. In general, the web can be defined as all forms of trade/commerce transactions of goods or services using electronic media and can also be said as a dynamic set of technologies, applications and business processes that connect companies, consumers and communities through electronic transactions and trade in goods, services and information. done electronically. Wowon Shop is a trading company engaged in the food sector, especially basic necessities. Wowon shop provides a variety of basic necessities (nine staples). Wowon store is experiencing quite a progress in sales. However, the data processing and marketing systems are still not computerized effectively. The problem faced by Wowon Shop is the lack of promotional media so that it cannot reach areas outside Sumedang. The method used is ptototype, because it can read the needs on the website besides the method used is to use data normalization in the form of UML to determine the behavior process of the user/actor. The conclusion is that this information system for selling goods can be applied to the online sales process through the website





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