Regional Superior Potential Information System Tanjungsari District


  • Kiki Alibasah STMIK Sumedang
  • Yopi Hidayatul Akbar STMIK Sumedang


Information System, Regional Potential, Application


This website is to promote itself through online websites on the internet. With a website, people can easily access and find out everything about Tanjungsari District quickly without requiring a lot of time. Information about Tanjungsari that can be accessed by everyone via the internet provides an idea for the author to create a village website that can provide information for its visitors. Therefore, in this final project, a potential website for Tanjungsari District will be built which will display profile information and tourism news. The system development method on this website is the prototyping method. Where in the making, the author interacts with users about the user's needs for the system created. Based on the concept and design, has produced a website for the potential of Jatisari village where this website is managed by the admin. This website can display tourism news in Tanjungsari District. It can be concluded that a "Tanjungsari Sub-district Website" has been built which can help the general public and especially the Tanjungsari community to view profiles and tourism news in Tanjungsari District and its surroundings





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Alibasah, K., & Akbar, Y. H. (2021). Regional Superior Potential Information System Tanjungsari District. J-Sin’s - Jurnal Sistem Informasi, 1(1). Retrieved from




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