Student Academic Information System at Cimuncang State Elementary School


  • Atep Ruhiat STMIK Sumedang
  • Agun Guntara STMIK Sumedang


Information System, Academic, Management Program


The School Academic Information System (SIAS) is a web-based school academic information management program. Currently, in accordance with the times, there has been an information-based competition. In the world of education also use information to streamline the academic processes in it. One application in the world of education is to use information systems in the academic process. Cimuncang State Elementary School is one of the schools that has not used information systems in its academic process, such as student data, teacher data, subjects data, value data. The problem is that the information system has not been used in the academic process, the purpose of this research is that the academic system has not been used. The benefits of research include speeding up the data collection process, accelerating the processing and searching of data so that the presentation of reports can be timely, producing accurate data. The research method used is the interview method, literature study, system analysis, system design, implementation and verification. The results of this study are the authors can produce an academic information system at the Cimuncang Tanjungkerta State Elementary School, Sumedang Regency. Which later can be useful for the academic process





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