Peer Review Process

Infoman's - Jurnal ilmu-ilmu Manajemen Informatika dan Komputer has a policy to review all texts that enter the process as follows:

1. The author submits the manuscript through Ejournal
2. The editor checks the article text with the Plagiarism Checker X software and other tools to check for possible plagiarism.
3. The results of plagiarism check determine ACCEPTED or REJECTED manuscripts.
4. Editor returns the manuscript that passed the plagiarism check to the author through Ejournal to correct the manuscript according to Editor's direction.
5. The author returns the revised manuscript to the Editor through Ejournal.
6. The editor submits the manuscript to the reviewer in a Double Blind review.
7. Reviewers submit the results of the review to the Editor to be forwarded to the author.
8. The author corrects the manuscript according to the notes and suggestions of reviewers and returns the manuscript to the Editor.
9. Copy Editor checks the manuscript to be in accordance with the policies of the editorial board.
10. Proofreader checks the manuscript for compliance with EYD.
11. Layout Editor checks the script to match the template and rules of environment.
12. The journal manager is ready to publish the manuscript according to the period of publication.
13. The length of the review process is two to eight weeks. The author is requested to actively monitor the Ejournal and cooperation to go through an ongoing process.